Yavor Stoyanov

BSc(Hons) MCSP

Yavor, also known as Yavi, trained at the University of Rousse – Rousse, Bulgaria, where he obtained his degree in Physiotherapy in 2015. He decided to move to the UK in 2016 to expand his physiotherapy practical skills and knowledge. Since moving here, he has worked in both the Private and NHS sectors.

Yavi has always been passionate about and interested in physiotherapy and the way that it helps people to have a better quality of life. He has been successfully implementing a good blend of hands-on/manual therapy and exercises/activity-based therapy. 

He also had the privilege to learn from and work with one of the best physiotherapists in his home country of Bulgaria.

Yavi’s background includes helping individuals to overcome disorders, challenges and injuries and to achieve their physical health goals.  He also understands the great importance of the most common modern life-threatening conditions and disorders and the ways to help prevent them (e.g. high blood pressure, neck and lower back pain, weight issues, falls etc.).