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Chronic Pain

Taking a Mind-Body Approach

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Traditionally, the old medical model and western mind tends to think of the body very structurally, considering elements of the self in isolation.
We think we only need to consider the shoulder when we have pain here!
However, the body is a system and everything is connected.

Pain modulation in the brain has been shown to link with past experiences and learned ways of processing.

Research in recent years has also begun to show that we cannot differentiate emotional pain from injury/”physical pain” – whatever physical pain is!
Taking a mind-body approach is now creating vastly better results for people suffering.

Rodger understands that often long-lasting pain is the result of a dysregulated nervous system. We often think of the causation of physical pain as separate to mental influence however Rodger encourages us to see the two in unison.

Charli's story, depicted in the video below, is a compelling example of how successful taking this approach can be in battling chronic pain and illness.

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Chronic Pain: Video

Migraines, TMJ / jaw problems, chronic back / neck pain and recurrent injuries are a particular clinical interest of Rodgers. Using a mind-body, trauma informed approach has transformed how he treats people with positive results.

If you feel you may be suffering from any of these problems outlined above, then please see a member of our reception staff to book in for an assessment.

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