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Petros Petrou

Petros Petrou

BSc(Hons) MCSP

Petros Petrou has practiced and trained at the University of Bradford, completing his degree in BSc Physiotherapy in 2022.

Moving to the UK from Cyprus in 2019 was a major decision for him, as he pursued to build his portfolio with excellent practical skills, whilst maintaining his professional yet friendly demeanour with patients. He has had multiple placements, not only with the NHS, but also within a private practice in Cyprus.

He is a very passionate, person-oriented therapist who focuses his treatment on the patient’s individual needs. He aims to help them overcome their mobility challenges by setting personal recovery and treatment goals, moving them towards an improved, pain-free lifestyle.

Petros has been wisely chosen for this private practice due to his keen interest into manual therapy.


His hands-on approach to physiotherapy fits within the RD team, as he works to strengthen and further his skills in this area.

Sports and the body have played a major role in Petros’ career, with his interest into football and running fuelling his passion for physiotherapy.

Ultimately, he combines his education with manual techniques to provide the patient with a good understanding of their pain and treatment plan, guiding them back on track!

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