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A personal approach to meet your needs



We believe an accurate assessment is the key to accurate diagnosis and thus to effective treatment so we spend a great deal of time in your initial assessment listening and looking to establish all the relevant information to enable us to create the most effective treatment plan for you.

Hands on Care

All our Physiotherapists believe in the benefit of manual techniques. We appreciate the place of electrotherapy equipment, used wisely, but know that it is no substitute for experienced ‘hands-on’ skill.

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Continuity of Care

We recognise the value of continuity of care and endeavour to make sure that each treatment session you receive from us will be with the same physiotherapist throughout.



Our key principle of communication is at the heart of the Practice and we encourage open two-way discussion in the assessment and diagnosis process.


We will ensure you will go away with a diagnosis, a better understanding of your problem, and what can be done to help.

We have computer programs to explain the anatomy and nature of your problem along with specialist exercise programs to provide you with a tailor-made program of exercises if this is appropriate.

We communicate regularly with your GP or Consultant subject to your approval. At discharge, we write to them in detail about your treatment and provide progress reports during longer rehabilitation programmes. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and if Physiotherapy is not the right approach for your condition we will refer you back to your GP or Consultant for their valued opinion.


Complete Treatment

Our experience is that many physiotherapists fail to rehabilitate people to the necessary level to enable a safe return to their activities – we believe we are different. Whatever your problem we endeavour to solve the root cause of the problem and not just provide symptomatic relief.

This is why we believe in full rehabilitation to enable a return to your activities in life or sport at whatever level you perform – right the way up to professional levels.


Why are we any different from anyone else?

We believe our point of difference is a total resolution of your problem, not just putting the fire out! We look at all of you and not just the bit which is hurting!

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