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Stress Illness

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Is it possible that stress can be making us ill or in pain? According to recent research, this in fact could be the case for many.

Stress-related illnesses involve what is known as the 'fight or flight response', which our body kicks into action when under a perceived threat and subsides after the stressful situation has occurred. This is a healthy, regulated nervous system.

However, prolonged stress and supressed trauma can ensure our body is in a constant state of fight or flight, causing health problems.

Therefore, stress illness can be caused when our nervous system becomes dysregulated.

However, we can re-train the nervous system, allowing normal internal organ function, leading to a healthier body and even reversing the illness.

There are of course, examples of real life stories which illustrate the credibility of this recovery approach and retraining the nervous system to be once again regulated.

Chronic illness has been linked to prolonged experiences of stress. Rodger is able to help his patients who are suffering from chronic conditions, including cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases through addressing the root cause -

In this heart-warming video, Fiona speaks of her experience using this mind-body approach to recover from ME Chronic Fatigue.

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Stress Illness: Video

Similarly to Fiona, Rodger is living proof that this works. 
He lived with chronic pain for many years and recovered from chronic heart inflammation by using the approaches he now helps others with. A case of physician heal thyself! 
Please do get in touch if you feel Rodger could be of help to you.

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