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Trauma Informed Physiotherapy

A Lasting Approach to Chronic Pain and Stress Illness

Trauma Therapy: FAQ

What is trauma? It is simply defined as … anything which overwhelms the nervous system's ability to cope.

We all experience differing emotions throughout life’s ups and downs, and have varying, subjective perceptions of what overwhelms us as individuals. Encountering difficult emotions including anger, sadness and embarrassment is perfectly normal and healthy. 
I often question – when was the last time you solely felt an emotion, good or bad, in your head? Never!
We also feel these emotions within our body.

So, if these difficult feelings are too much for the body to handle, we may create some maladaptive way of coping.
This may result in trauma being locked into the body, subsequently creating chronic pain and stress illness.

The good news is we can re-programme our nervous system to allow healthy and safe release of trapped trauma from the body.
I use a blended method of top down and bottom up – psychological and talking-based approaches along with somatic and nervous system body-based treatment to address chronic pain and illness holistically. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information on how I can help.

We feel this helpful video explains it best...

Trauma Therapy: Video
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