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Manual whole-body therapy with the power of touch

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Joint problems

At Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy, Wokingham; all our physiotherapists have experience in treating the whole body and can provide expert treatment for all joint and muscle problems.


Naturally, practitioners develop particular interests and skills in specific areas and, as a team, we can refer to our specialists should we feel you need more specialist care.


We have specialists in shoulder, knee, spinal, foot and ankle and hip joint problems.  Of course, our difference as a Practice is in the holistic way we view things and often we need to consider the bigger picture and focusing only on one body part may not lead to optimal restoration of your function and well being.

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Back & neck problems

Around 65% of our work is in treating low back pain, neck pain and spinal pain - including disc problems, degeneration and arthritis, mechanical lower back pain, stiff and painful necks, referred arm and leg pains such as sciatica, and whiplash injuries. We are known for our emphasis is in hands on treatment and manual therapy along with bespoke movement and exercise therapy. 

Pain can be referred from muscles joints and nerves to various places in your body and we will help you discover the root cause of your pain providing a holistic treatment that will deliver long term restorative health and wellness.

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Get in touch and make an appointment now

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