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Lucy McDonald

Soft Tissue and Sports Massage - Level 4

VTCT in Sports Massage from Sports Therapy UK

Soft Tissue and Sports Therapist

"Always a great service from people who know what they're doing. I've tried others, now I always go straight to Rodger Duckworth's every time and they sort me out."

Lucy is an experienced and qualified Soft Tissue and Sports Therapist with a wealth of experience in the elite sporting world, having competed for England in Touch Rugby.


She is also a practitioner of First Aid (sports), Mat Pilates Instructor and Fitness Instructor.

She is passionate about helping her clients to reduce their pain or discomfort using a wide variety of soft tissue techniques.


As well as supporting recovery from injury by helping to restore normal movement, she is focused on identifying imbalances that may have caused or been caused by injury.


If you are in need of a regular maintenance massage to help with posture or to help you work towards a goal or event, then she would be delighted to support you.

Sports massage can benefit anyone, not just those who are involved in sport!

It’s just as effective for athletes as it is for individuals with general aches and pains. The benefits of massage can aid anyone suffering from occupational, emotional, and postural stress as well as those with physically demanding jobs that can lead to muscle imbalances.

Poor posture whilst sitting at a desk, for example, may cause muscle imbalances, which in turn may cause tight muscles and pain. These can soon be rectified through sports massage.

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Lucy McDonald: TeamMember

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