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George Upton  MSc Mphysiotherapy 

Manual Physiotherapist

"I have a passion for physiotherapy and providing quality patient centred care, putting maximum effort into any task I am given and always working to the best of my ability." 

George studied at the University of Bradford, earning his degree in MSc Physiotherapy Sport and Exercise medicine. Following his graduation in 2022 he has worked for two years in the private sector honing his skills in diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of patients with an array of MSK conditions.


George is an enthusiastic therapist who puts the needs of the individual first, striving to understand the person in front of him as well as their condition. He incorporates a patient’s lifestyle and specific goals into their rehabilitation, combining education, exercise therapy and manual techniques to provide a blended approach for the most efficient recovery.


George has always loved sport, playing football in his youth and continuing to stay active as a keen runner outside of work. Coupled with his study into sport specific needs analysis and strength and conditioning principles, he is able to provide further insight into the nuisances of performance for those looking to rebuild stronger than ever before.


In summary, his amalgamation of education, physical and manual therapy provides effective treatment for all patient’s to achieve their goals, whether that be working with acute pain, managing long-term pathologies or enhancing daily function.

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