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Rodger Duckworth


Rodger graduated in 1993 and then went on to obtain postgraduate qualifications in manual and manipulative therapy in Sheffield.

He started practising privately in 1995 then set up the Practice at its current site on Rectory Road in 1996 which has grown to become one of the most reputable practices in the area.

Rodger has additional qualifications in chinese medicine as an acupuncturist, viscerofascial therapist, cranial osteopath, craniosacral therapist, Nutri-energetic screening, Ayurvedic medicine, and has developed his own system of myofascial release to integrate other systems of medicine which he refers to as integrated fascial release therapy – see video for an explanation of this system.

Most of his work is now with patients with complex problems where multiple health issues are connected – for example lower back pain and IBS / bowel issues.

Clinical Specialisms:

Rodger’s main interest and expertise has for many years been in the treatment of spinal problems – particularly back pain, neck pain and referred pain in the arm.

He has undertaken study into anterior knee pain and has therefore developed his reputation in the area as a specialist in complex knee problems – especially with a biomechanical basis.

His clinical career of constant learning, enquiry and discovery has led Rodger to study many systems of medicine. His view is that no one system has all the answers and so we ought to take the best from each system and use what is referred to as integrated medicine.

In the end when we overlap these systems there are many overlapping ideas, just with differing names for the same thing, but where there are gaps, viewing things from one perspective / in one system, there are answers in another complementary system.

Specific Sports Knowledge:

  • Martial Arts – Currently 1st Dan – Japanese Iaido Sword, Aikido and Karate

  • Runner – 1/2 marathon distance

  • Also worked with triathletes and athletics and Rugby club physio Reading 1995-1996.

  • Former Physio London Marathon.

  • Swimming – Former Club Level Swimmer.

Rodger Duckworth: Team Members
Rodger Duckworth: Video
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