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Rodger Duckworth



"Rodger is a fantastic physiotherapist, I am amazed by his professionalism and holistic approach. I felt a difference even after my first session." 

What you can expect from your initial assessment

Rodger's experience spans an incredible 30-plus years having graduated, then going on to obtain postgraduate qualifications in manual and manipulative therapy. Soon after this, Rodger set up The Practice which has since gone on to become the leading of its type in Workingham, Berkshire.

Rodger specialised in spinal, arm and anterior knee problems,  through which he began to noticed particular trends which raised a number of questions, including;


  • Why do so many people have back pain and IBS?

  • Why do so many suffer with thyroid issues and neck / shoulder pain?

  • Why do so many internal autoimmune conditions or chronic inflammatory conditions come alongside musculoskeletal pain conditions?


Rodger's clinical career has taken him on a journey studying many disciplines, including Chinese medicine and acupuncture, energy medicine and Ayurvedic concepts, Craniosacral therapy, amongst others, working towards answering these questions.


Rodger believes there is no one system has an explanation, so we ought to take the best from each system and use what is referred to as integrative medicine.


"When we overlap these systems, there are many overlapping ideas and differing names for the same thing. Furthermore, when viewing things from one perspective or in one system, there are answers that may be found in another complementary system."

Rodger's expertise is complimented by lived experiences having suffered from a debilitating autoimmune condition, leading to a collapse, emergency cardiac unit care and a near death experience. Rodger spent 8 - 10 years self-healing using the same techniques which his patients benefit from today. He is living proof that the work he specialise in do work.

Further more, Rodger's own personal experiences give him an intrinsic insight, compassion and empathy for patients who visit Verney Grange. It's just one of the many characteristics that sets Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy apart.


Today, Rodger specialises in helping others with complex issues in their health, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and ME, long covid, FND, Tourette’s, or people struggling with pain which will not go away with other approaches.


Mood disorders, anxiety, PPPD, depression which has not been helped with pure psychotherapy alone is another group of people he helps - "...if we don’t address the emotional regulation and felt sense in the body we may not resolve the mental health issues."


Rodger is passionate about taking a mind-body and trauma informed holistic approach to helping patients. This has revolutionised his work and the lives of many patients. 

"I learned this the hard way when this work was being discovered so now I can help people in much shorter timeframes. I feel truly humbled working in this field and so proud of people who find the courage to take the first step to changing their whole lives forever."

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