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Why are we different to the rest and how can we help you?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Maybe you have received treatment elsewhere and been happy or not. If you are considering a change then what can we offer you, which might better suit you? Why do we believe we are different?

My own path through my career has led me so far to an approach, which is to get to the roots of a patients problem. Isn’t this what all health care practitioners try to do, be your GP, your consultant, and your physiotherapist? NO is the simple answer. With the greatest of respect to my clinical colleagues out there, all of which are well meaning, this is not the approach people take generally. They may believe that they are. I can speak as one trained in the western medical system and know that we are trained to look at the body in parts and treat the presenting complaint. We are taught to put fires out.

Now this is mainly because most people do not see the connection of things to each other. Ironically many of my patients are relieved when I make connections for them and look at them as a whole human being and they have made the connections themselves. Some patients cry as they say, “Finally, someone who is looking at all of me. I have always believed these things were connected but nobody else seemed to think they were.”

For example; patients often complain of an injury in the foot, which is treated locally and it settles to a point or fully, then they get pain in the hip or knee, again receiving treatment locally to the problem. Perhaps a year or more goes by then they hurt their back doing something quite trivial. Maybe they have recently noticed some problems with their bowel habits and not found relief from medications from their GP. And so on. Only when we are able to examine the body as a whole and feel and see where the restrictions are can we truly fix the problem.

Often emotions are involved – we often hold tension in various parts of our body. If we take a holistic view then we can fully resolve all of the problems and prevent the issue coming out somewhere else.

Holistic in the truest sense of the word is a great word but it is often abused and so I prefer to use the term integrated medicine. My colleagues and I all share a belief in getting to the roots of the problem and also seeing the treatment through to completion. “Physio from start to finish”, to use a colleague expression. Often patients, as guided by their practitioner, cease treatment when the pain stops when often this has just taken the tip off the iceberg. Sometimes, though not always, one needs to go deeper and fix deeper seated flexibility issues and further treatment or tailored yoga / Pilates may be beneficial to stay well. It may be that we address emotional issues, gait problems, biomechanical issues, use Chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine approaches or craniosacral therapy / cranial osteopathy to form part of your treatment. We believe in taking the best of all systems of medicine and integrating them to provide the optimal solution for you – to provide complete resolution of your problems and restore health.

A myofascial release approach coupled with movement analysis and re-education is often a great way to address chronic problems, though by no means the only way. You can watch a video I have put together on this approach if you wish to understand more about this approach.

So if you have suffered recurrent issues or chronic problems which have not cleared up, not responded to treatment in the past or just keep coming back and would like to take a different approach then why not give us a call to see if we can help. We believe we are different – and we are proud of it.

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