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Recent Sponsorship!

As a practice, we not only look to fix a painful injury, but prioritise overall wellbeing, viewing health from a holistic perspective. Rodger has consistently emphasised the importance of social engagement to help with mental and physical wellbeing.

This is why we aim to help support as many local businesses/ events within the community as possible, doing our bit to help create a happier, healthier, and more engaged place to live.

Wokingham District Primary School’s U11 Boys Football Team recently competed in Jersey, and the Practice helped sponsor the ‘highlight’ of their season, enabling lasting memories they will not forget.

They got on particularly well, and there were many happy faces who won ‘man of the match’!

Fast commencing on June 11th is the Wokingham District Bikeathon, a non-profit organisation led by volunteers to give bike enthusiasts of all ages and abilities the chance to get out on their bikes in their local community. The event first ran in 2008 with just 143 riders and has gone from strength to strength attracting entry numbers nearing a thousand over recent years, with vast numbers of entries raising money for important charities.

As their main sponsor, we are proud to enable this heart-warming event for so many riders.

If you, friends, or family would like to get involved, visit their website for more information –

Wokingham Bikeathon - Welcome to a fun day of cycling and keep an eye out for RD Physio at the start/ finish line!

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Pasha Salnikov
Pasha Salnikov
Dec 07, 2023

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