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Starting Somewhere New

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

I’m not one to talk about myself too much, and frankly, I find it tricky sometimes.

So bear with me on this one.

Over the past year or so, we’ve all had the time to reflect and think about what is important to us and re-evaluate our own intuitive side.

Being in a position where I left my current job, for no bad reasons at all – I needed something new which could fit these internal thoughts and ideas that I had brewed through all of this time at home.

When I came across Rodger’s practice, at first glance I wasn’t sure if it was a place for me. However, after spending the first 10 minutes with Rodger himself, (and his amazing wife Rachel) I quickly learned that this wasn’t just a practice.

“I quickly learnt that this wasn’t just a practice.”

I instantly escaped from any uneasy, nervous energy that you usually associate with an interview. The practice itself has an atmosphere about it that is settling and calming – it correlates to what the practice’s core values are, a holistic service that helps patients reach optimum wellness.

Rodger was honest with me from the start, he explained how COVID-19 was difficult for them and how the marketing position was new. With my previous experience of marketing and admin work, I felt this was a position that would allow me to develop my leadership skills and intertwine my own beliefs about wellness.

Teaching performing arts on Saturdays and wanting to dive back into some form of education too, I was instantly reassured that this is something I would be supported with and encouraged to do.

There were some key points for me that I felt stood out as unique at the practice – compared to a usual hiring process, this included dress code!

Stay with me on this.

In a ‘behind the scene’ role, much similar to the backstage crew in the performing world, I assumed I would need to wear black. However, I was told that as long as it’s smart, I have the freedom to wear what I’d like, bright colours, patterns – you name it! As the practice’s main strapline is “Physiotherapy as individual as you are” – I can see how this continues through the entire business.

Lots of companies praise that they are diverse and welcome everybody, and to some extent – yes. But this is the real deal, all cards out on the table – you are given permission to be 100% authentic.

“You are given permission to be 100% authentic.”

As I mentioned, I can see how the statement is continued through the entire business – I’ve quickly learned this is also how the physio’s treat their patients. Not one size fits all. I was amazed by the broad spectrum of conditions that the practice helps;

  • Migraines

  • Sports injuries

  • Postoperative rehabilitation

  • Neurological physio

  • Women’s health

  • Jaw

  • Counseling and the list goes on!

One thing in particular that interested me is the practice’s focus on “holistic health” – something I had never heard of before in this context.

I feel there is a preconception of physiotherapists – I was guilty of holding this too. It’s easy to think that it’s the place to go when you hurt your back or shoulder – yes it is, but it’s so much more than that.

This leads me back to holistic health.

One thing that makes Rodger Duckworth’s physiotherapy practice different from any other is our belief in taking a truly holistic approach to the way we all work. One thing connects the other in the body, so although conventional western medicine techniques work, every physio bridges the gaps in between usual practice.

“Taking a truly holistic approach to the way we all work.”

After numerous conversations with Rodger and the team, I cannot wait to put into place some areas of work that I feel could support the awareness for new patients – that this isn’t just a physiotherapist practice.

I am excited to continue learning and excelling with the guidance of my inspiring team around me.

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