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Post Pregnancy Fitness

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Imagine the scenario; you’re attending the first nursery sports day! The excitement has been building for weeks… your Usain Bolt wannabe 3 year old is at the starting line and wins the race beaming the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

They call the next race, come on all you mums – it’s your turn!

Your 3 year old is begging you – “come and join in mummy”. But you’re thinking, what if my back ‘goes’? What if I leak? What if I just can’t run?

Fast forward a few years, it’s a lovely sunny afternoon and the kids are on the trampoline and your 8 year old cries ‘mummy, mummy come and jump with me, mummy?’ Of course you want to, but what if?

Life throws all sorts of opportunities and experiences at us, why not train yourself back to full post pregnancy fitness so that YOU ARE ABLE to join your children and enjoy the smiles, the laughs, the achievements and the post event debriefs!

Family times shared are worth it!

So why not address your fitness, those niggles, those issues and set yourself back on the right track to being a mum so you can enjoy your time with your children, and join in!!

Come and see us for a full assessment of your back/pelvis, pelvic floor and general fitness post pregnancy so that we can treat, guide and enable you to achieve those goals! One to one advice and guidance from a qualified physiotherapist is invaluable before embarking to the gym and those fitness classes.

Contact Sandra Watts, Women’s Health Physiotherapist at Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy Practice on 01189 786149

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