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Calling all Runners – Helping you achieve your perfect time

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Running season is hotting up!

Wokingham half marathon is around the corner, soon followed by Reading half and of course we are not far off the London Marathon.

At this time of year we see many patients complaining of shin pain, knee pain & hip and back pain as they increase their training in preparation for the marathon season locally.

Our team of physiotherapists and soft tissue therapists at Rodger Duckworth Physiotherapy Practice in Wokingham can help improve your performance as well as manage injuries which may exist.

How can we help you?

Assess biomechanics – look at foot biomechanics,footwear and prescribe orthotics or advise on running shoes.

Movement analysis and gait analysis – evaluate your movement patterns and treat and advise to correct and optimise movement and gait. The more optimal and balanced you are, the more efficient. The more efficiently you move, the faster you run leading to better times. It also reduces your risk of injury of course, or clears existing injuries if movement pattern dysfunction is the cause.

Did you know that even tightness in the upper back and shoulders can affect arm swing which in turn affects stride length!

What about forefoot running – there is much talk about the optimum running pattern and this is a topic of some debate. We can advise on changing running styles to utilise how body weight is used to help run more efficiently or faster.

Treatment of injuries – hands on treatment for common issues like shin splints, anterior knee pain, patellar tendonitis, lateral hip pain, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), lower back pain.

Advice of training regimes – to prevent overuse injuries from poor training.

Myofascial release therapy – a treatment to work not only local muscles but the whole of the connective tissue system and fascia which supports the skeletal structure. Remove excessive tension and feel better and move more freely.

The team consists of 7 physiotherapist and 2 soft tissue therapist / sports therapists (Helen Masey and Dan Buchanan). Each of the team have their own sporting interests and some are runers themselves.

Perhaps you are not racing but are struggling with your return to fitness in the New Year – maybe we can help with niggling issues.

Why not pop in for an overhaul and see if we can give you a new Personal Best this year.

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