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A Half Marathon or Beyond?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Have you entered an event? Our RunWise programme can help you safely cross that line

October can be a time where excitement suddenly turns into realisation. The London marathon places are allocated, the thrill of getting a place can lead to great euphoria and then it dawns on you…how on earth do I train for this?!! Like thousands, I too am eagerly waiting to see whether my charity application has been accepted, as I would love to participate.

The half marathons and marathons run from February to October with the London marathon being the premier race in the calendar year. Many people run this fantastic event having never run at all but training and preparing can be quite daunting.

Our RunWise Programme Can Help

RunWise can give you the tools to safely approach the event in a structured way, ensuring you minimise the risk of injury and get across that line in one piece! It’s not all about the running either. Factoring in some specific strength and conditioning work can be beneficial, and starting to work on these things in the build-up to Christmas can give you a great platform to start your training in earnest in the New Year. Discussing rest and recovery are also vital when training for these longer events.

Within the RunWise programme, I can help you understand the relevance and importance of these as well as giving you ideas on how to address and implement them. I’m also really keen to act as support through your journey either remotely or more practically. Training for these events can be lonely and tough in those dark winter months and sometimes knowing there’s someone you can ‘sound off’ to can be extremely beneficial as well as providing encouragement, motivation and advice.

There are many generic training plans on the internet. However, we all have differing lifestyles, time constraints and motives for running these events. Even some of the training sessions within the plans can appear quite complicated. I can help you understand these plans and devise a programme specifically tailored to fit in with your lifestyle.

Hard work is required! There’s no escaping that.

Not a Marathon You’re Running?

It may not be the London marathon, but you may have another similar event lined up. I would love to hear from anyone who wants help and guidance in preparing for these events. Whether it’s your first step into these types of races or you have done a few in the past but have encountered problems when training.

Finally, having completed 2 marathons myself, I can honestly say that the sense of personal pride and achievement when you cross that line is indescribable. For me, it was actually quite emotional on each occasion and those memories will live with me forever. As this goes out I’m hoping that I will be joining you in preparing for the London marathon next year.

Should you be interested in our RunWise programme please contact our reception on 0118 9786149 and let me help you plan your road to success.

To find your next running challenge use this handy website.

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