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Salil Das Headshot

Salil Das

BSc(Hons) MCSP

Salil gained his physiotherapy degree from Oxford Brookes University in 2002. He has since worked in a variety of settings both within the NHS and the private sphere and joined Rodger and the team in 2012.

He thoroughly enjoys his wide and varied caseload and has a special interest in the management and treatment of sports injuries, persistent pain states and post – operative care.

He also provides a very in depth and comprehensive running gait analysis, addressing specific causes, treatment and prevention of injury due to running.

Salil adopts a very integrated approach to physiotherapy combining a variety of techniques and skills that he has acquired over his many years of practice.

He is also a qualified acupuncturist, so is able to offer this if necessary for treatment.

He places a high value on involving all his patients in their treatment and helps to educate them with regard to all aspects of their condition, ranging from things such as an acute ankle sprain to ongoing persistent spinal pain that has been prevalent for a number of years. 

He delivers a light hearted, yet thoroughly professional approach and the passion to help people achieve their optimal potential and well – being remains a constant driver in his efforts to continue his own personal development.

Salil has always enjoyed sport, both to participate in and to watch. He has played a high level of amateur football and continues to follow the sport passionately.

Advancing years, allied to a slight reduction in pace (!!) have seen him hang his boots up and he is now a keen runner, having embarked on four full marathons so far.

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