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Craniosacral Therapy

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Cranial therapy: Service

Having originally qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1993 and gone on to qualify at post graduate level in advanced manual therapy, I became aware that there was so much more going on with the body that which I had been taught.
I undertook training in traditional Chinese acupuncture which led me to a rather conceptual notion of an energy system in the body.
I never really felt I was getting quite the full picture even with acupuncture as I was not really aware of the energy in the body.

I soon studied cranial osteopathy as I had witnessed great benefit from this form of treatment.

Cranial treatment and Craniosacral Therapy overlap hugely. They are both very gentle forms of treatment with powerful effect.
Using gentle light touch to the head and body I sense and correct subtle disturbances within the body. Cranial treatments are often used for stubborn / chronic issues and where more general wellbeing might be affected in addition to musculoskeletal pain.
Whilst treating this way, along with my training in visceral manipulation, I began to feel waves and pulses of what I later realised were energy within the body.  
I then progressed my studies and training into craniosacral therapy which is a more energy based cranial treatment.

Originally, William Sutherland an osteopath, suggested there was a rhythm which we could feel in the skull, he assumed to be associated with the flow of cerebrospinal fluid – the fluid which bathes our brain and spinal cord and is well proven to flow in a rhythmic fashion within the spine and skull.
Subsequent practitioners has evolved his ideas – notably John Upledger – and this craniosacral rhythm can be felt all over the body so I am no longer convinced that this is purely a fluid-based phenomenon I am feeling – rather the energy which I was previously conceptually trained to work with through my acupuncture training.
Now it was no longer conceptual – it was real, as I was feeling it!

Craniosacral Therapy is commonly known to be used for babies and young infants although in reality it can be effective at any age – we are all made of this energy at the end of the day.

It is, in my experience, a beautifully gentle yet powerful way of finding out the real centre of someone’s health problems – not just necessarily the surface issue they present with.
I often combine it with myofascial release therapy to move the physical tissues of the body while working to clear restrictions in the energy system.

I now question and evaluate patients totally differently as a result and find that emotions, past illness and injury are connected.
Often people have put the fire out and used therapies and medications which suppress the presenting complaint but have not treated the root.

I like the following quote:

“Treatment originates outside of you; healing comes from within” A Weil

My Practice has been revolutionised by this awareness and ability to feel the whole body and understand where help is needed and therapies should be directed.
I see a lot of babies with digestive issues and colic.
Babies respond so fast to treatment – I assume because their system is so “pure” and there are less layers of issues to deal with! Life takes its toll on us and issues build up!

If you would like to seek help for yourself, or anyone you know just call and speak to me (Rodger) and I will happily discuss if I feel it is appropriate to treat you with this approach.

The beauty of receiving cranio-sacral treatment at RD Physio in Wokingham is that I have a robust western medical training behind me so I will always have other more conventional therapies and contacts at my fingertips.

Wishing you health – the greatest gift of all……


Who offers this treatment/service? Rodger Duckworth

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